The Lawn Game company receive many requests for unusual lawn games. Making our company uniquely different. We love to stand out from the crowd.
Our games make for a fun filled wedding making your day even more memorable for all the right reasons. The Games are designed with creativity and fun in mind helping to break the ice between families and friends over a game or two , and we don’t just mean the children! Adults love them too! Keeping everyone entertained.
We have large range of games to choose from, some are unique to us. Our Games help create the backdrop for a entertaining event for your guests to enjoy. Games always bring everyone together for fun and laughter along the way. Who doesn’t like to be a big kid anyway. This makes for the perfect excuse to relax and enjoy yourself.
Hook a duck and Coconut shy are perfect if you are having a fete, carnival style event or even a vintage style wedding or event. Please note we do not supply the coconuts. (Don’t forget to take the labels off the coconuts. Otherwise you will see ugly labels on your photos).
We love rustic so much so we are the only company in the uk with a rustic swingball, limbo, jenga or Crazy Golf. We like to think outside of the the box to create something new and unique.
Don’t forget the little people at your event why not hire Giant Connect 4 or animal shaped space hoppers.
If you can’t find what you are looking for , please get in contact as we have a list of games that we will be stocking in the future. Your event could be the first.
 Games we have in Stock: 

Rustic Naughts and crosses,  Ring toss,  Space hopper for adults and children,  Animal hoppers for children,  Rustic limbo,  Rustic Jenga,          Rustic swing ball ,  Rustic Splat the rat,  Sack race for adults & children,  Quiots,  Rustic Hook a duck,  Rustic Pick up sticks,  Draughts,  Rustic Skittles,     Giant Connect 4,   Boules,  Rustic Giant dominoes,  Horse Shoe Toss,  Coconut Shy,   Wellie boot toss,  Rustic 9 hole crazy golf,  Rustic Cornhole,   Rustic tin can alley,  Vintage hula hoops,  Fete poles and bunting,  Fabric hanging outdoor lanterns,  Outdoor battery operated lights .

Games we want to stock : Please get in contact if you would like one of these games or any other game.

Rustic kerplunk,  Boho Badminton,  Rustic bucket in a ball,  Rustic rat race,    Rustic Stand the bottle,  Giant Chess,  Beat the Buzzer,  Vintage hopscotch,   Stocks,  Table tennis.